212˚ Interactive process between athlete and coach.

Customized training plans are created to address each athlete’s training needs

and performance goals. Individual training plans are created on principles of

periodization, which allow for controlled overload and recovery that optimizes

adaptation to the exercise workload.

Information collected from metabolic testing and motion analysis provides the

foundation for workout design that focuses on the physiological and

biomechanical profile of each athlete. Areas in need of improvement are

addressed in specifically-planned practices and training.

Online coaching is accomplished through the use of Training Peaks®, an

interactive program that allows athletes to provide feedback regarding their daily

workouts. We offer several different coaching packages to address the needs of

athletes ranging from beginner to elite/pro.



We strongly believe in the efficacy of our precise and science-based coaching methods, and provide the attention to detail and level of customization to each athlete.   Jason and Lori and our coaching staff will monitor your training daily to provide feedback or adjust accordingly in a way to best move you forward. 


The staff is always available for your questions or to address any issues.


Roster spots are limited so please contact us for availabity



This plan is the ultimate interaction between athlete and coach, and is designed to motivate and keep the athlete on track while improving the athlete’s physical fitness.  The weekly meetings and/or workouts will ensure the motivation level is kept high and the athlete is following the training program properly.


This plan has a high success rate thanks to the weekly feedback and interactive sessions. This plan not only includes the interaction but provides the athlete with the perfect training partner. Knowledge of the athlete’s abilities allows the coach to challenge the athlete without overtraining them, to help improve efficiency, and make the athlete stronger, faster and more powerful. 

Roster spots are limited so please contact us for availabity
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