Our Passion Is Inspiring Others


212˚ in Motion an athlete development company owned by Lori Cooper and Jason Watson.  212˚ In Motion aims to provide athletes of all levels of experience personalized, interactive coaching founded on fundamental training principles. We pride ourselves in offering a variety of sport-specific performance programs that are designed to give you the competitive edge.  


212˚ in Motion provides our athletes with individualized, progressive workouts that ensure each athlete reaches their fitness goals by focusing on 5 fundamentals: biomechanical analysis, performance testing, functional strength training, nutrition analysis, and coaching. 


  •         We are athletes too

  •         Integrated performance testing & biomechanical analysis

  •          Industry-leading facilities and equipment 

  •          Sport-specific training


We are here for you every step of the way, whether you are recovering from an injury, training for a sport, or achieving a lifetime or personal fitness goal. Our goal is to educate you as we challenge you to train and compete at your highest potential. 

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