Run Analysis

—  212˚ In Motion

“Developing better running mechanics and neuromuscular control has shown to be effective in preventing injury"  


A gradual warm-up, drills and stretches will be completed prior to motion capture.


Videos from the sagittal, frontal and posterior planes will be recorded to assess 3-dimensional movement.


Body lean and excess rotation from hips or shoulders are initially addressed to assess weaknesses throughout the kinetic chain.


Shoulder, hip and knee alignment are then examined for lateral or rotational movements that detract from forward motion.


Lastly, foot strike will analyzed with respect to center of mass and over- or under-pronation.


Based on motion analysis, appropriate corrective drills will be prescribed to address muscular weaknesses, balance, and inflexibilities.


Re-evaluation of running mechanics is suggested within the next 8 – 12 weeks to ensure proper correction of aberrant motions

Functional Movement


Run Analysis

Injury Prevent 

Strength Exercises

The Process

Run Analysis

This biomechanical analysis is perfect for the athlete who wants to know more about their body, wants to determine what type of training is best for them, and can use an accurate analysis to improve training efficiency and economy. 

Included are the following: 


  • Motion analysis report 

  • Strength training program 

  • Review of your analysis with an endurance coach 

  • 2 Running sessions 

  • Email containing your motion analysis explaining  

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